New products from the JELI range!

It is with great pride that we present new additions to the JELI range of products.

The mould-ripened JELI Winter Queen salami is the first in a line of JELI preserved meat products to be introduced. It was made by Gavrilović’s master craftsmen from premium pork, and was seasoned with carefully selected spices, while the special procedure of cold-smoking over beech wood gives it its refined aroma.

In addition to the regal flavour of the JELI Winter Queen salami, we have expanded our range of JELI preserved meat products with the JELI sandwich salami. It is made from high-quality pork and beef, with a light and mild flavour suited to people of all ages.

We have enhanced our range of semi-durable products with the JELI Mortadella, which is the perfect blend of chicken and turkey breast.

To round our new story off, we introduce the JELI Chicken Breast Ham which contains less than 2% fat. This Chicken Breast Ham is made from premium-quality chicken breast, and is aimed at people who want to remain healthy without giving up on their gourmet habits.

These delectable flavours in perfect harmony are bound to win over new lovers of tasty morsels.