Thanks to many years of perseverance and a strong and trusted brand, Gavrilović has become a unique must-have product for every household. Proof of this are the numerous awards we have won, the latest being the Coolest Brands Award in which Generation Z declared us the coolest brand in the Salami category.

In independent research conducted by Ipsos and JoomBoos, we learned about the most important aspects of the life of Generation Z – their media habits, use of mobile phones and various applications, shopping and views of certain brands – and we finally found out which brands are the coolest!

What is Generation Z? Popular names for this generation are the iFace generation and the iPhone generation – young people who are said to have learned to use a mouse before they learned to use a spoon. They are between 13 and 21 years old, they are the first ‘fully digital’ generation, they have completely unique expectations, goals and dreams, and thanks to digital communication, they process information differently to their predecessors; most of them choose mobile phones and as many as 84 percent of this generation spend more than two hours a day on them.

We were extremely pleased with the news that we are one of the brands that Generation Z considers cool. This is exceptionally motivating for us, and it is our obligation to be even better, or even cooler if we can!?