Seven Gavrilović products win gold!

This year, no less than seven Gavrilović products have won a gold medal for excellence and quality, awarded by the prestigious German organisation DLG. Besides Gavrilović’s renowned preserved salami, such as the Winter Salami and the Tea and Srijem sausages, experts gave the highest marks to Pâté Art, the latest addition to the range of Gavrilović pâté.

DLG is Europe’s umbrella organisation for the independent assessment of food quality and, after stringent sensory testing, it has awarded gold medals to Gavrilović’s Winter Salami, Tea sausage and Srijem sausage, as well as to our new range of pâté products – Art Hen Classic, Chicken Roasty and Chicken Classic pâtés, and to the Tuna fish pâté.

“These medals for product excellence and quality prove that we are heading in the right direction. We would like to highlight the fact that we have won no less than seven DLG gold medals this year, which is an improvement over our previous successes when it comes to DLG’s evaluation. All this lends credence to the superiority of our products and to our continuous improvement of excellence and quality, as well as quality, and then some more quality of Gavrilović’s delicacies”, says Mario Zbiljski, Director of Sales Marketing, concluding with the following words: Gavrilović and that’s that!