In its rich assortment, Gavrilović has top-quality salamis and dried meats, pâtés and meat slices, ready meals, mortadellas, hot dogs and semi-permanent sausages. Take a look at the traditional delicacies that everyone knows and claims “It’s great, it’s from Gavrilovic!”.

Gavrilović linija

Play with your senses through a range of new, exceptional, unique Gavrilović pâtés. Let the recognizable Gavrilović signature convince you once again of uncompromising, top quality, and first-class Art Pâtés invite and challenge …

Try me!

Gavrilović linija


An everyday choice around which older and younger, nutritionally picky generations, and especially our youngest, will agree.

Delicious snacks with even more pleasure.

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The well-known GALA products have been the best friend of delicious sandwiches, juicy snacks and home budgets for many years.

The GALA brand with its pâtés, cold cuts, hot dogs and sausages is always there for a quick delicious meal.

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