San Giorgio Mortadella Superiore with Olives

About the product

  • 12 carefully selected spices
  • true Mediterranean flavour
  • no flavour enhancers
  • cooks slowly for as long as 14 hours

San Giorgio Mortadella Superiore is a supreme delicacy. Mortadella is dried and slow-cooked for a longer time because its true flavour and exceptionally fine texture develop through this process. Our Mortadella is cooked for as long as 14 hours and the flavours that develop in the process are simply irresistible. Tasty, juicy olives fill out the flavour of Mortadella and a touch of the Mediterranean.

Serving suggestions

It is important to slice Mortadella paper-thin. Mortadella can be diced, but this shape is particularly recommended if the sausage is enriched with black pepper, pistachios or olives. Diced Mortadella is usually served with aperitifs to stimulate appetite. Thinly sliced Mortadella goes best with aromatic Italian-style focaccia bread.

Red wine: Valpolicella
White wine: Chardonnay

Keep at temperatures up to +4ºC

San Giorgio Mortadella Superiore with Olives