Petrinja style ham

About the product

  • made of carefully selected high-quality meat
  • carefully selected quality raw material
  • traditionally smoked over beech wood
  • following the original recipe of the old Gavrilović masters of trade
  • mild smoke and salty flavour nuance

Petrinja style ham is made of best quality parts of pork leg, i.e. muscles with an adjacent thin layer of bacon. The manufacturing process and specific features are very similar to prosciutto, which makes this product a supreme delicacy.

Petrinja style ham was named after the town of Petrinja, proclaimed as the Town of the first Croatian salami in 2007. This is the result of the centuries-long economic and cultural bondage between this town and the rich history and Gavrilović.

Serving suggestions

Cured and dried meat products are cut in thin slices, up to 1 mm thick.

Owing to the pronounced smoke aroma and mildly salty flavour, dried cured meat go extremely well with fresh vegetables and refreshing, luscious melon dices, green olives and various kinds of cheese.

Red wine: Merlot, Teran
White wine: Sauvignon blanc

Keep at temperatures up to +10ºC