Pâté Art Tuna

About the product

  • select chunks of tuna
  • carefully selected condiments
  • mild flavour and aroma
  • no preservatives
  • soy-free
  • no artificial colouring

Pâté Art Tuna is made from tuna chunks, has a mild flavour and is one of our products intended for the widest range of consumers. With easy-peel opening and with no added preservatives, soy or artificial colouring, they are made from juicy tuna fillets, which are here to gently guide you into a new chapter in the story of the delicacies in our Pâté Art range.

Let the iconic Gavrilović signature convince you time and again of the uncompromising, superior quality of our products, while our premium Art pâtés challenge and invite you to come and…

Try me!

Serving suggestions

Pâté Art Tuna can be served as the basis for many types of sandwiches. It is also great as the basic ingredient in various spreads with the addition of vegetables, mustard or culinary herbs. It is best served on toasted bread, crackers or with breadsticks.

Wine: Merlot, Malvasia (Malmsey)

Keep at room temperature

Pâté ART TUNA 100g