Lenten Bean Soup

About the product

  • ready-to-serve Lenten Bean Soup with Vegetables in a creamy sauce
  • all you need to do is warm it up before serving

The delicious Lenten Bean Soup is a new addition to our range of ready-to-serve meals. This dish, which is made following traditional recipes and enriched with a mildly seasoned sauce, provides a delicious and nutritious meal. It only takes a few minutes to prepare this meal before serving.

Serving suggestions

An excellent and highly nutritious meal does not necessarily require lengthy preparation. Moreover, a conveniently quick process also needn’t imply lower quality. Gavrilović ready-to-serve meals made of meat and vegetables enriched with creamy sauces are designed for quick preparation, without jeopardizing the quality of your diet even for a moment.

Beer: light or dark beer

Keep at temperatures up to +25ºC