JELI Sandwich Salami

About the product

  • with selected condiments
  • smoked in the traditional way over beechwood
  • with high-quality pieces of pork and beef
  • prepared according to the recipe of the old Gavrilović masters of the trade

JELI Sandwich Salami is made from high-quality pork and beef, with a light and mild flavour suited to people of all ages. Gavrilović preserved salami owes its distinctiveness to the traditional method of smoking meat over beechwood.

Serving suggestions

JELI Sandwich Salami is cut into thin slices, around 1 mm thick. Only then can you enjoy the complete combination of flavour and aroma. It is important to peel off the casing before slicing.

It is served with a variety of half fat cheeses, mayonnaise, and fresh vegetables, while lovers of savoury flavours can serve it with “ajvar” (red pepper and aubergine spread) or pickles.

Red wine: Plavac Mali
White wine: Graševina, Traminac, Portugizac

Keep at temperatures from +4°C to +8°C.