JELI Mortadella

About the product

  • made from delicious pieces of chicken and turkey
  • with selected condiments
  • prepared according to the recipe of the old Gavrilović masters of the trade

JELI Mortadella is made from premium-quality pieces of chicken and turkey, and owes its distinctiveness to the finely processed light pink filling with evenly distributed chunks of turkey breast held firmly together. This mortadella is aimed at people who want to remain healthy without giving up their gourmand habits.

Serving suggestions

It is important that the mortadella is cut into paper-thin slices. You can also cut it into cubes, which is preferred when complemented with black pepper, pistachios, or olives. Mortadella cut into cubes is usually served with aperitifs, in order to increase your appetite. Thinly sliced mortadella goes best with fragrant Italian focaccia bread.

Red wine: Valpolicella
White wine: Chardonnay

Keep at temperatures up to +4ºC