JELI Grill sausage

About the product

  • from select chunks of pork meat
  • a unique and fine texture
  • smoked in the traditional way over beechwood
  • they remain tender and juicy after roasting

JELI Grill sausage is predestined to become the queen of any grill party and an essential choice for true gourmets. Made from high-quality pork meat and select condiments. The sausage’s fine aroma is the result of it being smoked in the traditional way over beechwood, and its quick and simple preparation is what makes it so special. Just 5 minutes of grilling, or roasting in a pan, and the tasty, crispy, juicy and irresistible sausage is ready for the tasting.

Serving suggestions

JELI Grill sausage is ideal for quick preparation on a grill or in a pan, and its mildly smoky flavour is what makes it a favourite member of the sausage family of products. It goes well with seasonal vegetables and your favourite sauces.

Beer: Pale or dark beer

Keep at temperatures up to +4°C