JELI Chicken Bologna Sausage

About the product

  • mild flavour and aroma
  • fine texture
  • a favorite among children and young people
  • easy to recognize due to its distinctive yellow casing

JELI Chicken Bologna Sausage is one of our products intended for the widest range of consumers. For most of us, the bologna sausage evokes images of childhood and the taste of our favorite school sandwiches. And these are precisely the kind of memories that Gavrilović wants to create for your children, while at the same time taking you back to your most cherished period of growing up.

There’s a reason why bologna sausages and frankfurters are one of the leading choices for our customers who appreciate a combination of excellent meats, original recipes and the joy of eating.

This is why we came up with the “JELI” brand, which highlights the products that the fans of Gavrilović like to keep at hand.

Serving suggestions

Deli counter sausages are cut into thin slices, around 1 mm thick. It is important to peel off the casing before slicing.

Thin slices of deli counter sausages are a perfectly safe choice that nutritionally exacting eaters old and young will agree upon, especially children. They are usually served as the main ingredient of various hot and cold sandwiches along with hard or melted cheese and fresh vegetables.

Gavrilović deli counter sausages often play a significant gastronomic role in fancy finger-food dishes and salads for special occasions. This is why it is important to keep some in the fridge at all times!

Keep at temperatures up to +4ºC