GALA Chicken Sausage

About the product

GALA Chicken Sausage is part of a product group aimed at the widest range of consumers. This sausage is made from mechanically deboned chicken meat with the addition of vegetable fats.

Serving suggestions

Semi-durable sausages should be cut into slices about 1 mm thick. It is important to peel the casing before slicing.

Thinly sliced ​​semi-durable sausages are a completely safe everyday choice that all generations will agree on.

They are usually served as a main ingredient in a variety of hot and cold sandwiches complemented by hard or soluble cheeses and fresh vegetables. Cut into cubes or thin strips, semi-permanent sausages are very often a part of colourful salads that in various combinations with vegetables, cheese, cream and spices make a real refreshing meal. Pizza made with tomato sauce, peeled tomato or ketchup or with cream and garlic sauce, is the most famous dish in which various semi-permanent sausages are a mandatory ingredient.