Cooked Bacon Roll

About the product

  • smoked in the traditional way over beechwood
  • made from meaty pork bacon
  • with selected condiments
  • prepared by following the original recipe of the old Gavrilović masters of the trade

The burger roll is a semi-durable product with a characteristic shape. The meaty bacon has been processed and shaped into the iconic shape of a roll.

Serving suggestions

The bacon roll is a calorie-rich food with a fat content that nicely complements many traditional and soup recipes. It is often seen in rich sandwiches, salads, gravies, toppings, cooked or baked beans and stews. Cut into cubes, blended and fried with yellow or red onions, it easily becomes an indispensable starting point for tasty and delicious stews.

Keep at temperatures up to +4ºC