NEW Pâté‘s ART… Try me!

You know us.

You see us as trustworthy, proven and favoured by generations, and rightfully so. This is because our work has been woven with skill and backed by tradition in our pursuit of a vision of good living for the past 330 years. These facts and figures give us confidence that you will join us in saying – It’s excellent, it’s by Gavrilović!

But can we do more? Do better? Better than even the very best?

The determination, knowledge and inspiration to go beyond ourselves in everything we do have always been part of our existence. That is why every part of our being boldly says – Try me!

So, let skill create art, while the time ahead of us slowly seduces your tastebuds through an exquisite selection of mesmerising flavours. Join them in a seductive dance with your senses each time you treat yourself to our range of new, exquisite and unique Gavrilović pâtés.

Soak in, taste and enjoy everything that these delicious pâtés have already “learned” and inherited from the most experienced masters of their craft, along with everything that they proudly continue to present as novelties of modern industry in this day and age.

With easy-peel opening and with no added preservatives, soy or artificial colouring, they are made from juicy chicken fillets, while the well-rounded flavour of tuna is here to gently guide you into a new chapter of the story our delicacies. Let the iconic Gavrilović signature convince you time and again of the uncompromising, superior quality of our products, each time you accept the challenge and invitation of our premium pâtés Art… – Try me!