Imagination is more important than knowledge,” Albert Einstein once said;


by rating our new JELI HAM, we admit that we have made good use of the knowledge of our top Gavrilović experts. They created a product from carefully selected pieces of meat, perfected recipes, and with the help of the most modern technology, which everyone will be happy to have on hand!

This is a continuation of a success story – a new brand ‘JELI’ with which we have won many fans. The JELI program included  chicken and pork hot dogs, which were created to ‘EAT’ them at all times.

Top quality JELI HAM in a wrapper, made from selected pieces of pork is a completely safe everyday choice that will be agreed upon by older and younger, nutritionally picky generations, and especially our youngest.
It is the key to any quality and healthy meal.
We believe that all those who love quality, healthy, and at the same time delicious snacks, will definitely have this product in their refrigerator!