Did you know?

Read on to learn some interesting facts that every true lover of Gavrilović products should know.

Three centuries of history

  • The Gavrilović brand is one of the oldest brands in the world, boasting a 330-year-old tradition.


  • The character of three-year-old Jelica Cekuš, married name Laktić – the cousin of Đuro Gavrilović senior – served as a template for the Gavrilović factory trademark that was created in Vienna and named after her – Jelica.  Jelica grew up together with the development of the factory, and since her earliest childhood, she was nibbling on pork greaves and salami.
  • The graphic design solution of Jelica holding a Winter salami in her hand was designed in 1931 by Andrija Maurović, one of Croatia’s greatest comic book artists.

The Gavrilović Winter salami

  • When a group of masters of the trade from Italy and Petrinja put their knowledge and skill into the creation of a new salami in 1883, it was beyond their wildest dreams that they were on the brink of a major discovery – the Gavrilović Winter salami! During the ageing process, all the salamis “went bad” and developed a coating of white noble mould, which the Gavrilović Winter salami is famous for to this day. The Winter salami owes its distinct flavour to none other than this noble mould.
  • The Gavrilović Winter salami, the prima ballerina among salamis, was present at the elegant dinner tables of Austrian emperors, Napoleon the Great and his generals, while even Josip Broz Tito, president at the time, delighted his guest Sophia Loren with this uniquely flavoured delicacy at the projection of the film “Battle of Neretva”.
  • The Gavrilović salami (The Winter salami) bears the Originally Croatian label.

Tea sausage

  • It got its name during the mid-19th century in the small Baltic town of Rügenwalde. The name “tea sausage” was directly derived from the habit of serving sandwiches containing slices of this sausage when tea was served.

It’s great, it’s by Gavrilović!

  • The truthfulness of this tagline, well-known to customers, is based on a rich family tradition of meat processing that is more than three centuries old, carried on by nine generations of the Gavrilović family.
  • The creator of this iconic tagline, which has been connected to Gavrilović’s products for decades, was the marketing expert Marijan Serdarušić. Since 1965, he has led a number of marketing campaigns for Gavrilović as head of their Market Research and Advertising Department. Back then, next to no one could have imagined that his tagline would become synonymous with the excellence of Gavrilović quality, both in our country and on a much wider scale.

Liver Pâté

  • Their tradition of producing the finest pâtés goes all the way back to 1938. As a technological innovation of the time, Gavrilović packaged the Liver pâté in hermetically sealed tins, the predecessors to today’s tin cans. Since then, Gavrilović’s pâtés stand as a unique delicacy, the epitome of extensive knowledge and expertise built into a product.

Luncheon meat

  • The Gavrilović meat processing company was the first ever to begin producing Luncheon meat, a superior quality canned meat product. The secret of their originality lies in more than six decades of perfecting the production processes, the choice and salting of meat cuts, and the optimal thermal processing of the meat, all of which has earned them the Croatian quality label.