Better with Each Generation

Thanks to many years of perseverance and a strong and trusted brand, Gavrilović products have become a unique must-have in every household. Proof of their quality and popularity across all generations are the numerous awards we have won, the latest being the Coolest Brands Awards in which Generation Z declared us the coolest brand in the Salami category. This was confirmed by an independent survey conducted by Ipsos and JoomBoos, which also provided insight into the main aspects of the Generation Z lifestyle, such as media habits, the use of smartphones and various apps, decisions on the purchase of specific brands and opinions thereof.

The Facebook generation, the iPhone generation, Gen Z… These are all monikers given to young people who, as they say, learned to use a mouse before a spoon. Yet they are determined to allow and accept into their predominantly digital world those who preserve tradition or know how to serve it in the modern age and the years to come.

Gavrilović senses the needs of each consumer and recognizes that in the very near future the upcoming generations will constitute the core consumer demographic targeted by all food brands. That, along with a corporate mission and vision that strives for excellence, was the driving force behind Gavrilović’s new campaign Better with Each Generation.

The campaign is primarily aimed towards Generation Z by celebrating their worldview in an audio-visual style rooted in one’s own rules, culture and lifestyle.