One part of factory workers in 1906.

About us

The slogan “It’s great, it’s from Gavrilovic!” It bases its truth on a rich family tradition of nine generations. Back in 1690, the first family ancestors settled in Petrinja, who, having started a butcher’s trade, could not even dream that their descendants would be at the head of one of the most important meat industries in this part of Europe three centuries later.

Dramatic social changes, ups and downs have never called into question the basic constant – a safe product and top quality that has been insisted on from the very beginning. From the developed trade, in 1821, the meat industry developed, which is characterized by a continuous growth in the volume of production and reputation, and a continuous presence in the markets.

The passion for creating meat specialties is the fundamental reason for our existence; a passion so deep that it has become a tradition for more than 300 years. Our mission is to create a recognizable taste, and to provide consumers with a unique pleasure of Gavrilović, using the highest quality ingredients with the use of modern technologies and processes.

Gavrilović is the most famous producer of meat products, which has been owned by the Gavrilović family for more than three centuries. It is a leading Croatian brand that has more than 200 top products in its range. The growing presence in European and world markets is the best indicator that Gavrilović is a symbol of quality in the meat industry. Today Gavrilović d.o.o. in terms of size, product quality and business results, it ranks among the leading Croatian companies. It produces more than two hundred top quality products classified into four brands: GAVRILOVIĆ, ART, JELI and GALA.


Gavrilović’s Winter Salami has been at the top of the Croatian gastronomic offer for almost two centuries, generations of young people grew up with the popular orange Gavrilović Liver Pate, and the cheerful character of the girl Jelica, who smiles from all products, enchanted and attracted many lovers of good food. The label “Croatian Quality” was awarded by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce to the products Liver Pate and Meat Breakfast, and the label “Originally Croatian” to the products Winter Salami and Gavrilović’s Kulen.

Gavrilović has a certified quality management system (ISO 9001), environmental management system (ISO 14001), standard for auditing the quality and safety of food for food products (IFS Food), halal certificate (BAS 1049) and energy management system (ISO 50001). The company has its own factory laboratory and carries out controls in cooperation with external institutions.