A true queen of any grill party joins the JELI family of products – the JELI Grill sausage

The rich history of Gavrilović sausages testifies of their unwaning popularity among true lovers of savoury flavours, and of them being a welcome guest at every meal, picnic or grill party. And now, to the delight of all gourmets, we can welcome and enjoy the true queen of any grill party – the JELI Grill sausage.

This semi-durable sausage is a great source of protein. It is made from high-quality pork meat and select condiments for more fullness of taste, and its fine aroma comes from being traditionally smoked over beechwood.

JELI Grill sausage is ideal for quick preparation, where just 5 minutes of grilling, or roasting in a pan is all it takes for the tasty, crispy, juicy and irresistible sausage to be ready for serving.