Zvonimir Milčec

Zvonimir Milčec, a writer and a journalist, spent his whole life as a professional journalist. He was a reporter, a columnist, editor and assistant editor-in-chief in Večernji list daily newspaper as well as the editor-in-chief of the Zagrebački trg biweekly. He was a regular columnist in Jutarnji list for ten years and then started writing columns for Večernji list again. He also wrote columns for multiple web sites and portals. His last published book featured the Zagreb Zoo.

Zvonimir Milčec received the "Otokar Keršovani" journalists' life achievement award in 2009. He also



received writers' awards „Grigor Vitez" in 1976 and „Mlado pokoljenje" (Young Generation) in 1977, as well as The Zagreb City Award in 1994.

He wrote novels "U Zagrebu prije podne" (Mornings in Zagreb) and "Čovjek od novina" (The Newspaper Man) as well as a short story collection "Tekuće priče" (Liquid Tales). He also wrote novels for children: "Zvižduk s Bukovca" (A Whistle from Bukovac), "Posljednji zvižduk" (The Last Whistle), "Priča o novinama" (The Newspaper Story) and "Tajna krvavog nosa" (The Bloody Nose Secret).

Zvonimir Milčec published a series of feuilletons, reviews and columns about the town of Zagreb, mostly as feature units in various books. Most of his books have been released in repeated editions. His work has been translated to Russian, Polish, English and German. Some of his novels were used for television documentary series, featured documentaries and short art movies for which he wrote screenplays himself. The entire literary and journalist work of Zvonimir Milčec was connected to his hometown, Zagreb, and he is the absolute record holder in the number of feuilletons and columns about Zagreb published in newspapers as he wrote them every week for over fifty years.

In 1991 he took part in the initiative to set up a tribute to Marija Jurić Zagorka, the first Croatian female journalist, in Tkalčićeva street in the centre of Zagreb, a monument made by academic sculptor Stjepan Gračan. In 1990, he was actively involved in the return of Fernkorn's monumental sculpture of Ban Jelačić to



Zagreb's central square and due to his initiative and organisational activities Zagreb paid their tribute to August Šenoa, the famous Croatian novelist, by setting up a bronze statue made by Marija Ujević in the poet's home street, Vlaška, in 1988.

Zvonimir Milčec is Zagreb's most „native" author who wrote for over half a century for the newspapers and published over thirty books, altogether over 300,000 copies. In 2012 he wrote „Priče iz Gavrilovića" (Gavrilović Chronicles) in his signature style, based on real life events from the long history of the Gavrilović family. He wrote eighteen fascinating stories and they were all published at

Zvonimir Milčec died aged 76 in Zagreb in 2014.