Regardless of whether you want to make sandwiches for your child's school trip, treat yourself and your friends to a delicious meal or just have a quick bite between meals, Gavrilović salamis are a family menu mainstay and a gourmet addition that are suitable for every special occasion. Gavrilović premium preserved salami, classic salami and Miniko mini 80 g sausages are prepared from carefully selected pieces of meat in line with the highest health and hygiene standards and secret centuries-old recipes enriched with our own spice mixtures.

Did you know that the phrase "Either this one or none!", which was uttered by the famous Croatian author August Šenoa, has also been used by the denizens of Zagreb when choosing a salami? "This one", of course, refers to the Gavrilović Winter Salami or the Croatian Salami as it was called back then.

Premium salami

Premium and classic salami

Mini salami