Spread with chunks of Winter salami

Spread with chunks of Winter salami
  • meat spread seasoned with chunks of Gavrilović's Winter salami
  • with natural condiments
  • perfect as the base for creative canapés

And while many a fan of Gavrilović's products has long been fond of the combination of the flavours and aromas of pâté, bread, fresh tomatoes or pepper, Gavrilović also offers something “heartier”.

With its creamy texture and chunks of the world-renowned Winter salami, this meat spread is destined to take centre stage at every midmorning snack or early lunch and bring together gourmets of all ages who like their meals hearty and have long memories. 


Meat spreads with chunks of  Winter salami and Tea and Srijem sausages can be served as the base for a variety of sandwiches. The flavour of these world renowned salamis  in a creamy spread  really comes to the forefront when coupled with tasty and crispy bread. Lettuce and juicy tomatoes or olives perfectly complement these boldy flavored spreads.

Keep at room temperature


Read true tales from the history of Gavrilović, penned by the famous author and journalist Zvonimir Milčec. 

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