Smoked Ham, vac-packed

Smoked Ham, vac-packed
  • cured, cooked hams and shoulders from our Easter offer are the ideal choice for the holiday table
  • these are light, savoury, low-calorie, protein-rich products
  • the flavour can be additionally enriched by cooking or roasting
  • all our cooked hams and shoulders are ready-to-eat due because they are pre-cooked

Smoked ham is made of high-quality pork leg meat with rind. The finished product is vacuum packed and weighs between 1 and 1.5 kg (approximately 2 to 3 pounds).

Serving suggestions

All ham and shoulder products from the Easter range are ready-to-eat because they are precooked. Still, for a complete taste experience we recommend to cook them in unsalted water till it boils and then leave them cool down in the water. Ham's taste and aroma can be improved by adding spices, pepper corns or bay leaf. For those who prefer roasts, we recommend to wrap ham or shoulder in bread dough and cook it in the oven. The ham needs not be precooked for this additionally.

Hams from our regular product range – Deli, Stancija, Farmer and Home-Made Ham - apart from being suitable for cooking and roasting, they make excellent meat foundation to gourmet salads and sandwiches.

Store at temperature up to +4°C

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