Sliced Peperina Salami

Sliced Peperina Salami
  • covered in black pepper on the outside
  • prominent hottish flavour

Premium salami, with the meaningful name of Peperina, is made from finely minced pork and natural spices dominated by top-quality black pepper.

The salami has a wider diameter and is covered in black pepper on the outside. Peperina has a very specific and visually appealing structure with visible pieces of meat and bacon circled with a ring of pepper. The pepper layer gives Peperina its prominent hottish flavour.

Serving Suggestions

Peperina salami is ready to be served immediately. It is cut and eaten without peeling, because it has no casing. Thinly sliced Peperina can be served in a sandwich or on a plate as a cold appetizer. The rich and prominent peppery flavour is an excellent match with fresh vegetable salads and mild dressings made from yogurt and mayonnaise.

Keep at temperature: +4°C to +8°C


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