Sliced Parisien

Sliced Parisien
  • one of Gavrilović’s most popular cooked sausages
  • often known as “Parisien” among consumers

This emulsified, cooked pork sausage is filled in wider casings. It is very popular among Croatian consumers and often called parizer.


Thin slices of cooked sausages are a perfectly safe choice that both older and younger, exacting eaters will agree upon, especially children. They are usually served as the main ingredient to various hot and cold sandwiches along with hard or melted cheese and fresh vegetables. When cut into dices or strings, cooked sausages are often included in colourful salads that make a truly refreshing meal when combined with vegetables, cheese, cream and seasonings. A pizza made with tomato juice, peeled tomatoes or ketchup, or as a variation, with cream and garlic sauce, is the most famous dish which includes various cooked sausages as a mandatory addition.

Gavrilović cooked sausages often play a significant gastronomic role in fanciful finger-food dishes and salads for special occasions. This is why it is important to have some in the fridge at all times!

Keep at a max. temp. of +4ºC


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