Sliced Fiore Salamino

Sliced Fiore Salamino
  • the CROATICA premium salamis
  • with natural spices
  • traditionally smoked over beech wood
  • made according to the authentic recipe of the old Gavrilović masters of trade

Fiore Salamino is a wide salami made from minced pork and premium spices. It is light in taste and slightly salty. In order to thoroughly savour its full-bodied taste, Fiore Salamino is cut into thin flower-shaped slices, since they add to the visual appeal.

The Croatica premium salamis – Kulenov cvijet, Cvit Dalmata, Fiore salamino and Primorska rožica – encapsulate the uniqueness of our climate.

Serving suggestions

Fiore Salamino perfectly complements authentic Croatian cheeses, such as the soft Škripavac and the hard Pag – or even smoked cheese in more piquant scenarios. For a true homemade feel, try serving it with fresh cheese and cream spiced with red peppers and garlic.

Keep at temperature: max +4°C


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