Pork liver pate

Pork liver pate
  • Gavrilović was the first in Croatia to start producing pork liver pâté in 1938
  • it is made according to the authentic recipe of the old Gavrilović masters of trade
  • it is uniquely fine in texture

The tradition of making this fine liver pâté dates back to the time before World War II when Gavrilović introduced a technological innovation – pork liver pâté packed in hermetically sealed containers – what we now call cans! Its unique piquant flavour is achieved through high liver and high quality pork content.

Gavrilović Liver Pâté carries the sign Croatian Quality and it is the absolute leader on the Croatian market. You can easily recognize it by the original orange packaging with a smiling young girl!

Serving Suggestions

Pork liver pâté can be served as a base for various sandwiches. It is also great as a base for various bread spreads with the addition of vegetables, mustard or seasoning herbs. Liver pâté is best served on bread, on crackers, or as a condiment for green lettuce.

 Beer: light or dark beer

Keep at room temperature


Read true stories from the history of Gavrilović written by the famous author and journalist Zvonimir Milčec.

Gavrilovic's Legendary Pate

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