Miniko Spicy

Miniko Spicy
  • Gavrilović hit product
  • for the brave who are not afraid of stronger flavours
  • no need to peel off the casing before eating

Miniko is a new hit product made for super fun. The 80-gram-package contains four mini-sausages that are completely protected from the outside and therefore require no peeling before eating. Miniko is distinguished on the shelves by its modern design and orange label, appealing to consumers of all ages, especially young adults and children.

Serving suggestions

Miniko is always within easy reach as a quick snack or can be served with a side dish. Just cut the bag open and within seconds Miniko is ready-to-serve in a glass. Or you can cut it into little rings and add them to a salad. Or cut them into thin slices and use as a topping to pizza. let your imagination run free, there are a gazillion combinations. Breakfast, dinner, outdoor trips, journeys, parties, school snacks, while watching a game - everything will taste better with Miniko!

Beer: light, wheat

Keep at a max. temp. of +22ºC


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