Mandolin Ham

Mandolin Ham
  • made according to the authentic recipe of the old Gavrilović masters of trade
  • over 80% meat content
  • unique and fine texture

This gastronomic delicacy contains 80 % of best-quality pork and is made in the traditional way, so that it preserves its natural flavours. Gavrilović is the only one to produce this type of cooked ham. It is a supreme specialty and holds a leading position on the market.

Mandolin Ham History

  • Geo. A. Hormel & Co. (Hormel Foods Corporation) made the first canned and cooked ham in 1926
  • However, the history of food canning started much earlier, i.e. in the late 18th century when Napoleon offered a considerable amount of money to whoever invented a method to preserve food for his army

Serving Suggestions

Serve diced Mandolin Ham with mozzarela, young Pag style cheese or Dalmatian-style cheese soaked in olive oil. Add olives, pickled onions or fresh seasonal salad.

Red wine: Merlot, Plavac mali
White wine: Bogdanuša

Keep at room temperature


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