Luncheon Meat

Luncheon Meat
  • the same recipe has been used for over 60 years
  • holder of the Croatian Quality label
  • unique flavour

Luncheon meat is a top-quality canned meat product. Gavrilović is the first meat-processing industry to have started making it. The secret of its originality lies in technology that has been improved for decades, both in the meat selection and salting process, as well as in the optimal heat treatment. Its fundamental features include pleasant smell and a specific, rather intense flavour. It's an ideal snack for outdoors, at sea or on land, and requires no special preparation.

Our luncheon meat is the market leader in its product category.

Serving Suggestions

Serve diced luncheon meat with low-fat cheese or as an addition to various vegetable salads. You can also use its cylinder shape and cut it into round slices and then coat it in breadcrumbs and fry it.

Beer: light beer

Keep at room temperature


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