Gavrilović Kulen Superiore

Gavrilović Kulen Superiore
  • prepared according to the authentic recipe of the old Gavrilović masters of trade
  • perfect proportion of the highest quality pork
  • cold smoked over beech wood

Gavrilović Kulen Superiore, along with Winter Salami, is a flagship product of Gavrilović meat processing industry. This superior salami is made of the best pork and  carefully selected spices. Its finely proportioned piquant taste, typical for a kulen[1], comes from supreme quality ground red pepper.

Gavrilović Kulen is made in line with the traditional recipe carried on from generation to generation. It is particularly worth mentioning that kulen is treated with cold beech wood smoke, rounding up its distinguished flavour with a refined smoke note.

[1] Pronounced as: ['ku:len]


Distinguished flavour of Gavrilović Kulen is best savoured on fresh, crispy white bread. It combines perfectly with fine cheeses, semi-hard or slightly piquant cheeses like Emmentaler. Those who prefer a more intense flavour will serve Kulen with horseradish sauce or mayonnaise.

Keep at a max. temp. from +4ºC to 8ºC


Read true stories from the history of Gavrilović written by the famous author and journalist Zvonimir Milčec.

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