Domestic sausage for cooking and baking

Domestic sausage for cooking and baking
  • Unique and fine texture
  • Traditionally smoked over beech wood
  • Prepared according to the authentic recipe of the old Gavrilović masters
  • Contains juiciness and softness

This deli counter sausage is perfect for gourmets and all occasions. It is made from premium pork and carefully selected condiments, which form a natural casing and make for a true delicacy. The sausage owes its pleasant smell and rustic appearance to the traditional method of smoking meat over beech wood, but what really makes it special is the quick and simple manner in which it is prepared. 5 minutes of cooking is all it takes to make a hot and nutritious meal. Or 4 minutes of pan-frying or grilling to make a savoury and succulent sausage with an irresistible crispy crust



During the winter days, the Domaća kobasica za kuhanje i pečenje goes well with sauerkraut, baked potatoes, beans or goulashes, while during the warmer months it is perfect for barbecues. You can fry it in no time and it is best served with a combination of classical condiments, such as mayonnaise, ketchup and mustard, or homemade cream and herb-based sauces

Beer: light or dark beer


Keep at a max. Temp of +4 ºC

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