Cooked Pork Neck

Cooked Pork Neck
  • with natural spices
  • traditionally smoked over beech wood
  • made according to the authentic recipe of the old Gavrilović masters of trade

Cooked pork neck is a mildly smoked meat specialty, dried in hot air and slightly cooked. It has very little fat, evenly distributed among the muscles. This product is very juicy and has a pleasant smoke aroma.

Serving suggestions

Semi-dry precooked meat is usually cut in very thin slices. The casing needs to be peeled off before slicing.

Thin sliced semi-dry meat is usually served as main ingredient in hot and cold sandwiches, supplemented with hard or soft cheese and fresh produce. Diced or striped, cooked meats are often found in colourful salad combinations with vegetables, cheese, cream, and seasoning, providing a truly refreshing healthy meal. Apart from sandwiches and salads, cooked meats can improve numerous pizza variations.

Keep at a max. temp. of +4ºC


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