Chicken pate

Chicken pate
  • unique, fine texture
  • made according to the authentic recipe of the old Gavrilović masters of trade
  • mild in flavour

Chicken pâté is made of a finely chopped mixture of chicken meat and liver and carefully selected spices in the right proportion, and it is easily recognizable due to its typically yellow colour of casing. Its mild flavour is well attuned to the tastes of consumers belonging to all age groups.

Serving Suggestion

Pâté requires no additional preparation apart from making amusing combinations with other foodstuffs and garnishing as wished. We eat it with bread, toast, crackers, and pastries, and its flavour combines perfectly with green lettuce, corn, red and green peppers. In the summer, just add fresh tomato for a complete gourmet delight.

 Beer: light or dark beer

Keep at room temperature


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Gavrilovic's Legendary Pate

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