Quality as brand


  1. What is our Corporate Policy?

    Petrinja, 11th February 2013

    The truthfulness of the motto „It's excellent, it's made by Gavrilović!" is based on the rich, eight generations long family tradition. Back in 1690, the town of Petrinja had welcomed the first ancestors of this family who soon afterwards started a meat business there but could never have even imagined that their descendants might be running one of the most important meat processing factories in this part of Europe three centuries later. The dramatic social changes, rises and falls, never once compromised the fundamental constant feature - a safe product of supreme quality insisted upon the very beginnings. In 1821, the highly developed manufacture turned into a meat processing factory distinguished by uninterrupted growth of both production volume and reputation, as well as continuous presence on the markets.

    The passion for creation of meat specialities is the primary reason of our existence, the passion so deep that it became a tradition longer than 300 years. Our mission is to create a distinguishing flavour and to make sure our consumers can enjoy the unique Gavrilović delight, using only the best ingredients and applying modern meat processing technologies.

    By applying new technologies, controlling and managing all processes, conducting continuous employee training and communication with customers we constantly improve our own business system. By complying with strict requirements of international standards we can guarantee our customers a high product quality and the highest product safety level, along with maximum care for the environment.

    Continuous investments are part of our business operations. Improving our own competitiveness is the road that takes us towards the fulfilment of our strategic goal. In the future, we see Gavrilović as one of key propellers of regional economy, indisputable global leader and promoter of traditional regional meat specialities.

    Our corporate values - six elementary principles that guide us in our daily routine - play the crucial role. Those principles are:

    1. Excellence and commitment to quality - because we know that safety, quality, and protection of the environment are the foundations of our company.

    2. Responsibility - Satisfied consumers are our biggest responsibility.

    3. Efficiency - We do our job as best as we can, with respect for our own and somebody else's priorities.

    4. Respect and cooperation - Our relations with employees, suppliers, buyers, and consumers are based on mutual trust, sincerity, and respect.

    5. Open communication - We communicate our opinion explicitly and accept and exchange standings and ideas without prejudice.

    6. Readiness to learn - We are a dynamic organization which constantly learns and improves their knowledge and skills in order to keep the leading position on the market i always perform as perfectly as possible.


    Chairman of the Management Board

    Georg Gavrilović Jr

  2. What is our Quality and Food Safety Policy?

    Petrinja, 11th February 2013

    Gavrilović develops, produces, and sells safe high-value food products that thrill the consumers with their traditional taste, ground-breaking solutions, and appealing design.

    With utmost respect for the food quality and safety principles, maintaining and continuously improving our integrated management system, we have secured complete control over the product manufacturing process and thus prove to our customers that both food safety and protection of the environment remain our constant priorities.

    The consumers choose to buy Gavrilović products because they are confident that they are buying the best and the safest food products for their families and themselves. Our policy relies on the compliance with legal regulations as well as with demands and expectations of our customers.

    By applying new technologies, by controlling and managing all parts of the production and distribution process, by continuous employee training and communication with consumers of our products, we improve the system of producing safe high-quality meat products. All our employees are appropriately trained and aware of the importance of food safety and quality for the business operations of the company and therefore they perform accordingly.

    The quality and the efficiency of our system implies joint efforts of all employees on all levels requiring the following:

    • absolute dedication to the satisfaction of customers' needs
    • preservation and development of key competences and skills
    • clear and flexible distribution of responsibilities and authority
    • prompt and permanent removal of non-compliance sources
    • maintaining and improving communication with suppliers, customers and other concerned parties within the food chain
    • continuous recognition and implementation of market requirements
    • monitoring and continuous improvement of business results


    Chairman of the Management Board

    Georg Gavrilović Jr

  3. What is our Environment policy and how we take care of the environment?

    Petrinja, 3rd November 2014

    Development of Gavrilović, as one of the oldest meat processing industries in the world, has always relied on the principles of sustainability, a friendly relationship with the environment, and compliance with environmental legislation and international standards. Our dedication to environmental management today has seen its affirmation in the environmental management system certified in compliance with ISO 14001 with which we commit to continuous care for the environment and its ongoing improvement.

    We commit to cleaner and environmentally friendlier production by applying the following principles:

    • applying best available techniques in our investments and development, along with ensuring preconditions for cleaner and environmentally friendlier production,
    • informing and training our personnel – every employee must know how his work affects the environment,
    • rational usage of water as the most important natural resource, monitoring its consumption and continuous improvement through processing and by re-using the water,
    • reducing waste generation with maximal sorting out and recycling of valuable components, in line with the latest achievements and technical potentials,
    • proper treatment of waste waters, reducing pollution of natural recipient

    Having established emergency action plans, intended primarily for the prevention of environmental pollution, we are prepared to react promptly in case of an emergency.

    We maintain good relations with state authorities and keep up with the latest national, European and international legislation, guidelines and standards. We evaluate our environmental footprint continuously and inform all concerned stakeholders about it. We share our knowledge and experience in environmental management with our business partners.


    Chairman of the Management Board

    Georg Gavrilović Jr

  4. What is our Energy Management Policy?

    Petrinja, 3rd November, 2015

    In accordance with the general business orientation and ethical principles of a successful and responsible economic operator, aware of the importance of our role in society, as well as the needs of other interested parties, we are committed to the implementation of the energy management policy.

    We reach our energy management goals by investing in the latest manufacturing technology, adequate planning and management of our processes, with special attention to saving natural resources such as water, electricity, fuel, and gas.

    We ensure efficient energy management through the management of energy aspects in the scope of Production of meat products, located at: the factory area – Gavrilovićev trg 1, 44250 Petrinja.

    The basic principles of energy management are based on the following commitments:

    • continuous improvement of energy efficiency
    • ensuring information availability and all the necessary resources required for the implementation of general and individual energy objectives
    • ensuring procurement of energy-efficient products and services and the development of energy-efficient processes

    By defining the future the management of Gavrilović d.o.o. with its style ensures the following:

    • compliance with all legal requirements
    • resources and training necessary to implement this policy
    • evaluation of the effectiveness and compliance with set objectives
    • implementation of continuous improvement of the energy management system

    In accordance with the principles of transparency the Gavrilović d.o.o. management has ensured availability of this policy to its employees and all interested parties.

    Board member

    Georg Gavrilović

  5. How do we guarantee a high-quality and safe product to our consumers and care for the environment at the same time?

    Before they land in a shopping basket, our products undergo many inspection tests. Those tests are performed not only in our internal laboratories but also in independent external institutions as well, like the Food Quality Institute. Apart from that, the facility is under regular veterinary supervision.

    Our production processes comply with the most rigorous European and North-American standards of product quality and food safety. If we observe all stages of processing, from the raw meat to the finished product, control measures for potential hazards are conducted at all production stages on a daily basis. The awarded certificates prove that we meet all requirements given in international food safety and quality standards:

    • in 1998, we adopted HACCP
    • October 2008 - October 2014; food safety management system according to ISO 22000:2005
    • in 2010, we met all requirements to receive the Halal certificate
    • in 2010, we adopted the quality management system according to ISO 9001:2008
    • in 2012, we adopted the environment management system according to ISO 14001:2004
    • in 2013, we adopted IFS Food
    • in 2016, we adopted the energy management system according to ISO 50001:2011

    Our well-developed internal integrated management system provides support for surveillance and control, as well as for continuous process and product improvement. Regular audits of the system confirm high quality and food safety standards in line with the above mentioned international norms.

  6. How do we implement quality control?

    Over 63,000 analyses are conducted in our own laboratory in one year alone. We test everything that can affect the quality, safety and flavour of our products. Also, in order to ensure independent controls, we have our products analysed at the Croatian Public Health Institute and the Croatian Veterinary Institute. We do not do this because we have to but because we believe that being open and transparent is part of our responsibilities.

  7. Why are ISO and other standards an imperative for a successful business operation today?

    Today's market does not allow anyone to settle for the current situation and enjoy old glory.

    Looking out for all the latest international standards in meat processing and sales, our final goal is to satisfy our customers and, as always, be one step ahead of our competition. Every implemented norm or a standard, along with ongoing system improvements, speak for our readiness and desire to meet the requirements of consumers and emerging markets.

    The ISO standards were developed by the International Organization for Standardization, ISO. The standards list all the requirements that an organization needs to fulfil if they want to show that they have in place and implement the quality management system (ISO 9001), environmental management system (ISO 14001), energy management system (ISO 50001) or any other system in conformity with this internationally recognized norm.

    IFS Food is a standard developed by German and French retail federations and recognized by customers and large retail chains as the "strongest" stardard in the food sector (SAFETY AND QUALITY).

    To show and prove they have it, yes, but to whom? First of all, to their customers. So that they can trust that the first, the second, the hundredth, and every following item they buy will be safe and of standard quality, and environmentally friendly. Those who deal with quality often say that "ISO and other standards are not a magic stick but a tool box". And that's the real truth.

  8. Why is the smoke treatment technique so important?

    Smoke treatment is a food preservation technique known for several thousand years. Treating sausages with smoke has a sensory purpose as well because smoking has a positive effect on the taste, aroma, texture and colour of the product. Besides, some substances generated during smoking have a preserving effect.

    Our products undergo natural smoke treatment, without the addition of artificial smoke. From the very first days of their existence Gavrilović has smoked their raw sausages and ham products in the traditional way, over beech wood.

  9. What kind of spices we use in our production processes?

    Spices have always been used to improve the flavour and digestibility of food. Finding the right combination of spices requires both a refined sense of smell and taste and rich experience. Our family business takes pride in over 300 years of such experience. We have developed our own combination of spices for every product and the exact composition of the mixture remains our well-kept trade secret.

    Our suppliers of spices are required to submit extensive quality control evidence and one of the most important among those is certainly the GMO-free certificate.

  10. Which nutritional values are declared on the packages?

    Legal regulations require nutritional fact labels on the food packaging starting in December, 2016. However, Gavrilović has already gone one step ahead and started declaring "the Big Five" in 2011: energy, sugar, saturated fat, protein and sodium.

  11. What does "best before" on the product package stand for?

    Shelf life is the date that has to be declared on the food item packages. Consumers are thus informed as to which date the unopened and properly stored food item – in cold, dry, and dark place – is suitable for consumption without major taste and quality losses.

    As soon as we open the package, the freshness date expires sooner because the usability of the product develops differently, depending on external factors, such as temperature and hygiene conditions. That is why we recommend using up the opened package within a few days.

  12. Mercedes or Baby Fiat – what do you think, which is of better quality?

    And here comes the counter-question right away: What does „better quality" mean, i.e. what is quality?

    We all know what it isn't: when we encounter non-quality, when we are not satisfied with a product or a service. Everyone has their own definition of quality. The most practical one says: "Quality is conformance to requirements (requirements meaning both the product and the customer's requirements)".

    With that in mind, the question whether a Mercedes is better in quality than a Baby Fiat, makes no sense. If you require a car for the town, a well-maintained baby Fiat will do just fine. You will take it through the rush hours without a worry on your mind, a parking space will always be there, and if it gets scratched, you won't feel too bad about it. For you, it is better in quality.

    However, if you require a safe and comfortable long-distance car and if you wish to impress your clients, you will have to look for something else ... a Mercedes maybe?!