You won't be able to resist the new taste of Gavrilović Ham in a casing

You won't be able to resist the new taste of Gavrilović Ham in a casing

The premium Gavrilović Ham in a casing is key to a nutritious and healthy meal. Whether cut into thin slices, cubes or strips, Gavrilović ham is the perfect fit for any gastronomic occasion. And just when you thought ham in a casing couldn't get any better, we've conjured up a new recipe.

Perfected recipe

You are just a casing away from a total culinary delight, which Gavrilović's team of experts is serving up after some hard and dedicated work. The new and perfected recipe for Gavrilović Ham in a casing was created with the aid of state-of-the-art technology in order to make the upcoming Easter holidays taste even better for loyal fans of Gavrilović's delicacies.

The gold standard of quality food

We have put a gold sticker on the package indicating the improved recipe for the new ham in a casing, so you won't have to waste time looking for your favourite product.

Serving suggestions

Thinly sliced Ham in a casing is a daily choice favoured by the older generation, as well as the younger and nutritionally more fastidious one. It is also exceptionally popular with kids. It is usually served as the main ingredient in a variety of hot and cold sandwiches, which are complemented by hard or melted cheeses and vegetables. Cubes and strips of Ham in a casing are often an integral part of colourful salads, which make for a truly refreshing meal when coupled with an assortment of vegetables, cheeses, cream and other condiments.