When the Salami are in Bloom at Gavrilović's

When the Salami are in Bloom at Gavrilović's

Everything has already been said about the fine long-life Gavrilović salami. A traditional recipe, a distinctive flavour and aroma, and the inevitable sound of enjoying a meat delicacy is what every Gavrilović fan understands. And when the salami start to bloom, things get even more interesting. Although the term sounds strange, it is very much true. These are premium long-life salami in a new line Croatica called Kulen's Flower (kulen is a type of sausage) and Dalmat's Bloom, whose names suggest a traditional recipe and an original manner of serving.

Did You Know?

Kulen's Flower and Dalmat's Bloom are prepared using finely minced pork and traditional spices. Their taste reflects the specificity of our region, at the same time combining the basic features that characterise the superior Gavrilović products. Salami bearing nostalgic names are also special because of their wide diameter and uniform distribution of meat, fatty parts and spices.

How to Serve Salami?

These two salami enrich the wide variety of the Gavrilović long-life selection and they can be consumed on a variety of occasions – breakfast, snacks or brunch, in sandwiches, for lunch, as a cold appetiser on a platter or as a tasty evening bite. They perfectly complement authentic Croatian cheeses, such as the soft Škripavac and the hard Pag – or even smoked cheese in more piquant scenarios. For a true homemade feel, try serving Croatica salami with fresh cheese and cream spiced with red peppers and garlic. To make salami bloom, you need to cut them into thin slices and serve them in no other form but that of a flower.