Well-known Gavrilović deli products in a new cold-cuts package

Well-known Gavrilović deli products in a new cold-cuts package

Premium mortadella sausages made by Gavrilović, San Giorgio Superiore and San Giorgio Superiore with olives, are now available as cold cuts in 100-g packages.

The true mortadella taste is achieved with slow drying and over a very long dry-cooking process, which can take up to 14 hours. The resulting aroma and taste of Gavrilović San Giorgio mortadella are simply irresistible.

Light and juicy, Farmers' Ham and Stancija Turkey Ham, are from now on also available as cold cuts in a 100-gram package. These ham products are the ideal choice for everyone who take care about their health but refuse to give up on fine taste and gourmet delights. Thin slices of these deli hams with minimum fat will simply melt in your mouth with every bite. The traditional cold smoking over beech wood provides for their tempting aroma, marked with a refined smoke note.

Farmers' Ham and Stancija Turkey Ham are a natural source of proteins. The finest portions of pork legs are selected to make Farmers' Ham, therefore this excellent ham product contains less than 3% fat. Stancija Turkey Ham is made of turkey breast containing less than 2% fat. Stancija Turkey Ham is extremely rich with proteins and an excellent choice for a highly nourishing and mouth-watering meal every day.

Comprehensible labels that are easy to read, as well as additional information on the back of the labels, will help you make a well-informed decision when buying your favourite Gavrilović sliced product. Apart from the guidelines for daily food intake, you can also read some less known, yet very interesting facts about the product.

The new convenient cold cuts packages also include three most popular Gavrilović precooked sausages, favoured by both younger and older generations: Cooked Ham in Casing (Šunka u ovitku), Parisian Sausage (Pariška kobasica) and Tyrolian Sausage (Tirolska kobasica). These products can play a major role in all kinds of hot and cold sandwiches. In salads, combined with vegetables, cheese, cream and spices they can make a truly refreshing meal. A pizza made with tomato sauce or cream and garlic sauce is one of the best-known meals that include Gavrilović precooked sausages as unconditionally required ingredients.

Choosing just about any Gavrilović sliced product package will save your time both while shopping for groceries and in the kitchen. Your family and friends will be delighted when you offer them a nourishing and delicious snack. Therefore it is wise to have them in the refrigerator at all times!