Three new flavours of Gavrilović premium pates

Three new flavours of Gavrilović premium pates

We are pleased to present you three new flavours of Gavrilović premium pates.

Liver Pate 1938, Pate with Prosciutto and Pate with olives are unique on the croatian market. All three new pates are a true delicacy for those who appreciate premium flavour.


Liver Pate 1938

Liver Pate 1938 got its name after the year when Gavrilović produced for the first time its famous canned liver pate. High percentage of quality pork liver (30%) gives it a fine sublte sweetness with a hint of livery taste. Serve it smothered on roughly torn pieces of rustic bread and combined with red onion jam. For a more elegant appetizer, serve it on toasted baguette or apple slices with a glass of chilled champagne.


Pate with Prosciutto

 Pate with Prosciutto is a mouth-watering, tasty spread that combines the delicate taste of Gavrilović Liver pate with tiny bits of prosciutto crudo. Serve it on crostini or fresh Italian bread with dried figs and walnuts. Or for a fresh summer taste,  combine it with cherry tomatoes and green olives. 


Pate with olives 

In the Pate with olives the intense flavours of juicy green olives combine perfectly with the fine meaty taste of the pate. This special aroma makes it ideal for a summer treat. Combine it with some soft cheese and fresh vegetables and enjoy it with a glass of red wine.