Salamis are still blossoming at Gavrilović

Salamis are still blossoming at Gavrilović

Gavrilović's bouquet of Croatica premium preserved salamis has been enriched with two new flowers with an authentic Croatian taste – the Fiore salamino and the Primorska rožica salami, whose very names indicate that they are made according to traditional recipes and served in an original way.

The flavour of the Croatica premium salamis – Fiore salamino, Primorska rožica, as well as the previously introduced Kulenov cvijet and Cvit Dalmata – encapsulates the uniqueness of our climate by simultaneously combining all the basic characteristics that distinguish the premium products made by Gavrilović. Another distinguishing feature of these wide salamis bearing names that evoke nostalgia is the even distribution of meat, fat and spices.


These new salamis, which are a valuable addition to Gavrilović's extensive portfolio of premium preserved products, are suitable for a range of occasions: you can have them for breakfast or as a mid-morning snack, put them in a sandwich, eat them for lunch or put them on a platter as a cold cut or delicious evening snack.

They perfectly complement authentic Croatian cheeses, such as the soft Škripavac and the hard Pag, or even smoked cheese in more piquant scenarios. For a true homemade feel, try serving Croatica salamis with fresh cheese and cream spiced with red peppers and garlic. In order for the salamis to blossom, you should cut them into thin slices and serve them in the shape of a flower, of course.