Peperina - a new product from the Di Giusto fine salami range

Peperina - a new product from the Di Giusto fine salami range

We are proud to present a new peppery product in the Di Giusto range of premium durable salami. It is a truly peppery treat, symbolically named Peperina and designed for those who love peppery flavours.

Did you know?

The new delicacy from Gavrilović is made of finely minced meat and natural spices, the most prominent being premium quality black pepper. With a wider diameter, Peperina has a unique and aesthetic cut with visible meat and bacon surrounded by a peppery ring; this will make Peperina a recognisable product on the store shelves.

How to serve Peperina?

Peperina salami is ready to be served immediately. You can slice it and eat it without peeling since it has no wrapper. Finely sliced Peperina can be served in a sandwich or on a plate of cold appetizers. The rich and prominent peppery flavour goes excellently with a fresh vegetable salad and a mild sauce made from yogurt and mayonnaise.

What is the origin of the Di Giusto premium durable salami range?

Since the mid-19th century, a few generations of Italian families have spent their winters in Petrinja preparing delicious salamis in the Gavrilović factory; one of those families was the Di Giusto family. Its members were renowned butchers who, while working with the Gavrilović experts, have significantly impacted the history of the factory and Croatian gastronomy. The fact that there are still descendants of the Di Giusto family working in Gavrilović is proof of the solid ties with this Italian family. We paid tribute to them by coming up with the Di Giusto range of products in the Gavrilović durable salamis.

The premium quality of this range is emphasised by the dark colouring on the label with golden details. The background consists of an original photograph dating back to 1906 showing the Italian and Petrinja experts who worked in Gavrilović. The label is discreetly adorned with the coat of arms of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region in the north of Italy, which belongs to an Italian family responsible for the success of Gavrilović throughout history.