NEW - fiery flavours from Gavrilović!

NEW - fiery flavours from Gavrilović!

For lovers of traditional but hot and spicy flavours, Gavrilović offers some true fiery treats. We have combined the distinctive tastes and smells of luncheon meat, ham cold cuts and pates with spicy chili and rounded off the taste with the sweet notes of dried peppers.

Luncheon Meat Piquant

Luncheon Meat Piquant in 150 g packaging combines a standard recipe with more than 70 percent pork and spicy chili. The savoury taste of childhood is completed with sweet notes of dried red and green peppers to add a special "touch" to a salad of fresh peppers, cucumbers or tomatoes and mild sauces based on mayonnaise and yogurt. When you add a refreshing soft drink or favourite beer, pleasure is guaranteed.

Ham ​​Luncheon Meat Piquant

Ham ​​Luncheon Meat Piquant with spicy chili in the 150 g packaging are paired with a sweet note of dried red and green peppers, making this an ideal addition to a fiery version of mild non-fat cheese, fresh salads, mild sauces and refreshments.

Paté Piquant

Finally, do not forget the delicious Paté Piquant on a tasty, crispy slice of bread combined with fresh tomatoes, peppers or cucumber. The distinctive taste and smell of the pate with spicy chili and a sweet touch of dried red and green peppers in 100 or 50 g packs will spice up any memory of summer joys with friends and a favourite snack.