Light and Savoury Gavrilović Cooked Hams on Easter Menu

Light and Savoury Gavrilović Cooked Hams on Easter Menu

Easter Celebrating Tradition

Cured and cooked pork legs and shoulders (Gammon) from our Easter special offer are the ideal choice for your festive holiday table. These are light, savoury, low-calorie products, rich with proteins and our Easter special offers something for everyone.

Hams from our regular product range – Deli, Stancija, Farmer and Home-Made Ham – also provide excellent foundation for gourmet salads and sandwiches.


Preparing Easter Ham

Experienced homemakers know well what younger ones are yet to learn: how to cook or roast Easter ham for their families. All hams from our Easter special are ready-to-eat because they have been precooked in the production process at Gavrilović and yet for a complete gourmet experience you might want to try and prepare it the following way:

1. Put cooked pork leg or shoulder in cold unsalted water and bring to boiling.

2. Add corn pepper, bay leaves or other spices of your choice to the water for richer taste and aroma.

3. Leave boiled ham to cool down in the water.

Those who prefer roast ham might want to try wrapping a whole ham with bread dough and cooking it in the oven for a few hours. There is no need to precook the ham.


Crash Course in Culinary Art

Nobody would ever doubt the perfection of French cuisine and we have no intention to do that. On the contrary, we sneaked into the French encyclopaedia of gastronomy and there we found confirmation for what Gavrilović's masters of trade have told us. It says: "Ham is a leg of pork processed in different ways. It is sold as a whole piece or sliced, cooked or raw, i.e. cured, dried or smoked. A good ham must be round, with a sizeable but not too thick layer of fat under the rind. Even though pork shoulder is processed in the same ways as pork leg, it should not be referred to as 'ham' because of its inferior taste,"the unquestionable Larousse Gastronomique explains.


This is how it's done at Gavrilović

Masters of trade at Gavrilović process carefully selected pieces of pork leg and shoulder. The meat obtains its particular juiciness and aroma in the Meat Preparation Department where it is gently treated with combined spices. All spice mixtures are prepared under expert supervision of our highly experienced technologists. The finely rounded taste and aroma of our Easter delicacies result from special techniques of smoke-treatment, cooking or roasting in the Cooked Meat Department, also under the expert supervision of Gavrilović's technologists.