Di Giusto salamis - new line of Gavrilović premium salamis

Di Giusto salamis - new line of Gavrilović premium salamis

Romana and Divina represent a new line of Gavrilović premium salamis, called Di Giusto.

They are light and mild in taste and softer and juicier in bite, typical for north Italian salamis. Theirs soft and slightly salty taste will appeal to both the younger and older population. This makes Romana and Divina slightly different from other traditional Gavrilović salami products. But they are also made with best-quality ingredients and smoked over beech wood as well as traditional Gavrilović salami products. During the maturing process, both Romana and Divina are coated with fine mould.

Dry sausages are cut into very thin slices, around 1 mm thick. Only then can you enjoy the complete combination of flavour and aroma. Before serving make sure that you remove the casing. Serve Romana with green olives, marinated zucchinis or eggplants. Romana's light flavour goes extremely well with fine cheese spreads – goat cheese or soft sheep cheese. Divina salami can be served as a small, out of the ordinary but savoury and energizing snack with soft ricotta and fresh fruit, preferably nectarines or plums. Thin slices of Divina on a bruschetta with hard boiled quail eggs are another well-established combination.

Di Giusto line of long-lasting salami

In the second half of the 19th century, several generations of Italian families started spending their winters in Petrinja where they manufactured fine salamis in the Gavrilović factory and one of them were the Di Giustos. Members of this family were famous masters in the meat trade and worked together with Gavrilović's own masters, leaving a lasting impression on the history of the factory and Croatian gastronomy. Evidence of the tight bonds between this Italian family and the town of Petrinja is the fact that descendants of the Di Giustos still work at Gavrilović. By creating a Di Giusto line within the Gavrilović salami brand, we pay them due respect.

The premium design of the line is accentuated by a dark label and golden details. In the background there is an original photo from 1906 showing Petrinja's and Italian masters of the meat trade at Gavrilović. The label is discretely adorned with the emblem of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, the North-Italian province, the homeland of this Italian family responsible for the success of Gavrilović in the past.