Back to school with “Eat 5”!

Back to school with “Eat 5”!

Yet another new school year has started and our children have returned to school, ready to do their homework again. The Gavrilović team also had a homework to do, which was to do our best to make the students well fed and happy and so we decided to direct our campaign towards encouraging the children not to skip breakfast, the most important meal of the day.

Firstly, breakfast provides the human body with energy required for a successful day at work or school and for normal functioning of the organism as a whole. Following the 8-10 hours of sleep, during which our body uses up the stored energy, we need food. If we skip breakfast, our body will continue to exhaust the energy reserves until lunch, and maybe even until dinner. People who have breakfast on a regular basis tend to eat less during the day, they can focus much better, they have a much lower cholesterol levels and face lower risk for heart diseases.

In order to help the youngest generations with preference for delicious bites develop the healthy habit of eating breakfast, Gavrilović has started a campaign called „Eat 5".

The campaign is focused on the best pre-cooked sausages and bread spreads made by Gavrilović. It started with outdoor advertising on billboards on top locations in Croatia and as of the beginning of the school year, the „Eat 5"commercial will broadcast intensely on the TV stations with best ratings – Nova TV and RTL – until the 21st of September. At the same time, on their way to school, the children will be reminded of the best Gavrilović „Eat 5" breakfast items with posters and hang tags on the buses and street cars in the capital city and the surrounding area.

We have prepared two visual solutions for the campaign:

EAT 5 (Pork liver pâté, Frankfurter sausages with natural casing, peeled pork Frankfurter, "Posebna" pork sausage, and Parisian sausage)

EAT 5 +5 (Tea-time pâté, chicken Frankfurters, Krainer sausage, Pork ham in a casing, Pizza ham)

You can view the commercials and the lyrics of out cool hip-hop here – commercial 1, commercial 2.

The education starts with us so please do not skip breakfast yourselves.